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    Data Feeds

    Data feeds send accurate, up-to-date product information — i.e., a product data feed — from one system to another. Data feeds can also be organized with data feed management platforms.

    What Are Data Feeds?

    For businesses — especially those with large product catalogs — maintaining consistent, up-to-date product information across all consumer channels is critical. 

    Data feeds help manage this process by delivering accurate product information from one source to another. They're primarily important for brands who need to send consistent, accurate product information to a number of retailers efficiently.

    With a data feed, a business can quickly and easily load information about thousands of products to their website. Merchants, manufacturers, or suppliers can use data feeds to send comprehensive product data throughout all consumer channels.

    For this process to work effectively, though, businesses need a strong product data feed management system that can help them flexibly adapt to the data requirements at each endpoint. 

    Product data feed management systems help brands deliver content to retailers in the ways they prefer, which removes the onerous process of manually formatting data.

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