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    Data Exchanges

    Data exchanges occur when businesses organize data, typically in large amounts, and transfer that data to another organization.

    What Are Data Exchanges?

    Data exchanges are critical parts of any ecommerce supply chain. In order to manage inventory and move products quickly and effectively through the supply chain, brands, retailers, and suppliers must share data frequently. Typically, this involves sharing large amounts of information for a number of products all at once.

    Before transferring data to another organization, a business or supplier needs to ensure the data is ready to move. This means organizing the data according to an agreed-upon set of rules or guidelines. Once the data is sorted and organized properly, it’s ready to transfer.

    When dealing with large amounts of data, many businesses use data exchange software that helps organize the data and ensure that data exchanges are completed securely.

    When done efficiently and securely, data exchanges can help break down supply chain silos and increase collaboration between retailers, brands, and suppliers, getting products into consumer hands quickly.

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