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    Data Curation

    Data curation is the process of strategically selecting, gathering, and managing the right pieces of information to complete a task or make an informed decision.

    What Is Data Curation?

    In today’s digital world, ecommerce businesses are bombarded with data about their customers, products, sales, and marketing initiatives. Data curation is the process of strategically and systematically sifting through this data to organize it in a way that enables others to effectively use the information.

    Data curation starts with data gathering. To do this, businesses often use a master data management (MDM) system, which houses and organizes data in usable ways. From there, the business would index the data and ensure it’s accurate and reliable for use.

    Another critical task of data curation is storing information. The most successful brands are able to not only collect relevant product and customer data, but store it in accessible, systematic ways that enable quick future use. In some cases, data curators will “clean” the data before storing it, ensuring it’s tailored to business needs and free of extraneous information.

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