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    Customer Validation

    Customer validation is a product or brand development stage in which a business tests a product or marketing material with customers to verify that it meets their needs.

    What Is Customer Validation?

    When a business creates a new marketing strategy or launches a new product, it goes through several stages of development before releasing its initiative to the public. The customer validation stage happens after the business has outlined and acted on initial plans.

    When they have a minimum viable product — or a basic, “rough draft” iteration of the product — to show, the business engages a group of customers in the customer validation stage to have them test the product. By soliciting qualitative and quantitative insights from those customers, the business can learn what product aspects are — or aren’t — meeting consumers’ needs.

    To validate the product, businesses typically engage several segments of consumers to gain a wide variety of feedback. 
    Analyzing the feedback involves identifying the specific improvements that the business could take to better align with customer needs. Then, the business develops additional features or makes adjustments to provide a better product experience.

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