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    Customer Touch Points

    Customer touch points are the stages, steps, or points of contact that a business’s customers use to engage with the business.

    What Are Customer Touch Points?

    While customer touch points will vary depending on the business, they generally include a number of in-person and digital interactions, including customer service requests, social media engagement, advertisements, app usage, ecommerce experiences, and more.

    Customer touch points are opportunities for the business to offer a great experience that builds loyalty, engagement, and repeat business. They’re also opportunities to move the customer into the sales funnel and closer to a conversion. Customer touch points can also happen after a customer has made a purchase, through surveys, emails, and customer service engagement.

    To ensure they’re giving customers the best possible experience at each touch point, many businesses focus on creating omnichannel marketing initiatives that foster consistent, cohesive branding across all touch points. Providing this consistent experience and having a clear understanding of the way customers move through various touch points can be critical to building strong relationships with them.

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