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    Customer Loyalty

    Customer loyalty refers to a consumer’s opinions or emotions toward a business, as well as their likelihood of engaging with the brand or retailer again.

    What Is Customer Loyalty?

    Customer loyalty can show up in different ways: customers buying from a business repeatedly, using the products or services they purchase on a regular basis, interacting with businesses on different channels, or recommending a business to a friend. In each of these cases, the consumer is supporting the brand or retailer beyond an initial, one-time purchase, which has compounding benefits for the business.

    Brands and retailers foster customer loyalty when they give consumers the shopping experiences they want and need. Today’s customers, for example, want quick, easy ways of shopping for the things they want. Businesses that provide a high level of convenience — by automating processes and making it easier for customers to quickly find what they need — often see higher levels of customer loyalty, better customer retention, and, in many cases, better sales. 

    By getting to know their customer base’s needs and building systems around those demands, brands and retailers can create shopping experiences that nurture loyalty — and repeat business.

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