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    Customer Advisory Board

    A customer advisory board is a select group of a business’s consumers who share insights on their experiences engaging with the business’s branding, products, or marketing materials.

    What Is a Customer Advisory Board?

    The best way for a business to evaluate the success of its marketing initiatives or products is to hear directly from the customers who engage with them.

    A customer advisory board is a group of important customers who provide evaluative feedback directly to the business based on their experiences interacting with the brand and its products.

    By providing real-time insights into their experiences, a customer advisory board can help businesses improve their marketing, product, and customer engagement strategies to best meet the needs of their ideal consumers.

    Engaging a customer advisory board also helps the business strengthen its customer loyalty. When the business acts on consumer feedback, it shows a willingness to listen to customers and create marketing strategies and products that those customers truly want.

    To create customer advisory boards, businesses need to have ideal consumers test products or marketing materials and organize data gathered through focus groups and meetings.

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