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    Crowdsourcing is the process of soliciting other people’s input, financial contributions, or labor to complete a complex task or fund a project.

    What Is Crowdsourcing?

    Crowdsourcing is the epitome of teamwork. It’s the process of garnering labor, money, or input from groups of people to complete a task. In ecommerce, crowdsourcing is often used to gather information or input from large groups of people, usually pertaining to a new or existing product.

    For example, an ecommerce business might crowdsource feedback from a large group of customers on color variations of a new product. The business can solicit this feedback through a survey, a promotional exchange, or engagement on a social post. When the business has collected the crowdsourced feedback, they can make an informed decision about which color to pursue in product development.

    Many start-ups or small businesses often use crowdsourcing to collect the funds needed to start business initiatives or launch new products. In exchange for a reward (such as a discount or special item), the crowd supports the launch financially.

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