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    Cross-selling is when businesses promote or sell products related to customers’ interests or the products they’re purchasing.

    What Is Cross-Selling?

    Similar to upselling, cross-selling is a sales tactic used to increase the number of items or transaction total of a customer’s purchase. While upselling usually involves encouraging a customer to purchase a more expensive version of an item, cross-selling occurs when businesses sell products related to what the customer is already purchasing.

    A grocery store might cross-sell hot sauce to a customer purchasing taco supplies, for example. Or, a sports equipment store might cross-sell a helmet to someone purchasing a bike, or a computer store might cross-sell a warranty plan to someone purchasing a laptop.

    Each of these businesses can use cross-selling tactics like in-person sales, discounts on related items, or email promotions to encourage the customer to purchase more.

    For cross-selling to succeed, businesses need to truly understand their customers and their needs. Without insightful data, businesses might waste efforts cross-selling the wrong items to the wrong customers.

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