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    Content Segmentation

    Content segmentation is the process of grouping types of content according to a specific audience segment’s needs, interests, and demographics.

    What Is Content Segmentation?

    Ecommerce content should engage customers, drive brand awareness, and move consumers further down the pathway to purchase. Content segmentation is the process of grouping consumers and content according to a particular segment’s needs and wants. The process enables brands to create content that better resonates and engages consumers — no matter where they are in the sales and marketing funnel.

    When segmenting customers into groups, brands might consider:

    • Demographic details, such as age, gender, or income level;
    • Buying behavior, such as previous purchases;
    • Psychographic information, such as interests and lifestyles; and
    • Geographical data, such as regional or seasonal needs.

    After grouping consumers, brands use content segmentation to best align with each group. For example, a sporting goods brand might create awareness-level, educational articles for beginner rock climbers, but more detailed, high-end-product-focused ebooks for veteran climbers. This allows the brand to understand which consumers need which content to make a purchase.

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