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    Content Mission Statement

    A content mission statement is a brief expression of an article, blog post, video, or other piece of content’s core objectives and goals.

    What Is a Content Mission Statement?

    Today’s ecommerce businesses often publish many different types of content across a number of sales and marketing channels — all designed to engage customers and drive them closer to conversion. A content mission statement helps the brand ensure that each piece of content has a clear vision and aligns with overall strategic plans.

    Content mission statements are usually derived during the content briefing phase, in which brands build-out requirements, objectives, and guidelines for the piece of content. The mission statement is a brief section that describes the main reason for creating a particular piece of content.

    More specifically, a content mission statement outlines who the content is supposed to connect with, what kinds of information the content will provide to that audience, and how the content advances a brand goal. Articulating these objectives ensures that all content works toward larger goals and presents a cohesive customer experience.

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