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    Content Brief

    A content brief is a document that a business creates to outline the goals, objectives, and stylistic details of a content project, enabling a writer or creator to execute effectively.

    What Is a Content Brief?

    Businesses typically create content briefs to document the requirements, style guidelines, search engine optimization (SEO) goals, and objectives of a blog post, article, video, product description, or other piece of content. The content brief gives a writer, editor, or creator a roadmap for producing the content.

    One major benefit to having a comprehensive content brief for each project is that it ensures all content aligns with the overarching brand strategy. Through the brief creation process, brand teams can ensure the goals of the content level up to larger sales and marketing objectives, and that the final content adheres to textual and visual branding elements. This helps create a consistent consumer experience.

    A strong content brief can also streamline the production process and save all parties time. When creators have clear guidelines and expectations, they can typically produce content faster, without as much back-and-forth with the brand team.

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