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    Content Audit

    A content audit is when a business strategically reviews and evaluates all product and marketing content to ensure it’s providing the most value and aligns with the brand strategy.

    What Is a Content Audit?

    Successful ecommerce brands regularly update product descriptions and publish marketing content to engage customers, drive search traffic, and increase conversions. Businesses undergo occasional content audits to evaluate all of this published content and ensure it aligns with the current brand strategy.

    When conducting a content audit, a brand might assess blog posts, videos, landing pages, product descriptions, and any other marketing collateral. During the process, they’ll set clear parameters for their evaluation, and then determine if the content is performing well, needs to be updated, or still aligns with the current business goals and objectives.

    With the insights gathered from a content audit, businesses can optimize their content regularly to ensure it’s performing well. The systematic review of this content enables a business to ensure that any consumer-facing assets offer a cohesive, brand-aligned experience and deliver the highest value to potential customers.

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