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    Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing (CPG Marketing)

    Consumer packaged goods marketing (CPG marketing) refers to the sales and consumer engagement tactics a brand uses to sell items that customers regularly replace, such as food, beverages, or clothing.

    What Is Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing (CPG Marketing)?

    Compared to durable goods, which consumers replace infrequently, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are typically non-durable and regularly replenished. These goods include food, beverages, hygiene products, cosmetics, clothing, and more.

    Consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketing refers to the materials and campaigns CPG brands use to engage customers and sell these products. Because consumers regularly replace CPGs, brands who sell these items need to be constantly marketing to retain existing consumers and attract new ones.

    The CPG market is also highly saturated, with a number of competitors vying for consumers’ attention. That’s why it’s critical for consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketing teams to constantly update their strategies to find creative ways to engage consumers and stay competitive. Creating cohesive and consistent branding across marketing channels often helps brands stand out.

    Some CPG brands, such as Kleenex and Band-Aid, have used this consistent messaging to become nearly synonymous with their products.

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