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    Consumer Experience (CX)

    The consumer experience (CX) refers to the impression a customer has of a brand — based on their interactions with the brand’s digital and in-person presence, purchasing journey, and products.

    What Is the Consumer Experience (CX)?

    Fostering a positive CX is essential in today’s market, as it builds customer loyalty, helps organizations grow, and enables them to stay on top of their competition. 

    A consumer’s view of a brand or retailer is based on the ways the company engages them throughout their buying journey. Is the organization giving them easy, convenient ways to find and purchase products? Are they providing a cohesive, consistent brand presence across all online and brick-and-mortar locations? Are they creating omnichannel pathways to keep their organization top of consumers’ minds? These actions, among others, can help nurture a positive CX that attracts new customers and retains existing ones. 

    Analyzing CX via consumer surveys, website data, or a customer experience management system that monitors touch points can help businesses get a pulse on their customer base. With this information, they can adjust their marketing, sales, and product tactics to best meet their customers’ needs.

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