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    Commerce for Retailers

    Commerce for retailers is a method of combining marketing and sales to create consistent consumer channels and brand messaging for a retail business.

    What Is Commerce for Retailers?

    Retailers sell products and services to consumers via brick-and-mortar locations and/or online platforms. Rather than considering specific parts of a retail business, such as marketing, product, and sales, as separate aspects, commerce for retailers blends these areas to create consistency across all channels.

    With an ecommerce platform, retailers can carry sales channels over to the online environment to provide convenient consumer purchasing pathways. 

    By ensuring that brand messaging, product data, and purchasing options are consistent across all channels — including social media, website ecommerce, or brick-and-mortar sales — retailers can foster a cohesive brand presence.

    Within a highly saturated commerce landscape, this kind of cohesion is critical. It helps retailers stand out from their competition, create more touch points for customers to interact with the business, and better adapt to customer needs.

    Many retailers are expanding their strategies to include mobile commerce, an even more convenient way for consumers to shop.

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