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    Client-Side Testing

    Client-side testing is any form of testing — typically conducted within digital spaces — that occurs on the user’s browser. It’s used to evaluate a user’s experience, product usage, or preferences.

    What Is Client-Side Testing?

    There are typically two forms of testing: client-side testing and server-side testing. Server-side testing happens on the server itself, while client-side testing occurs directly on the user’s browser or device — giving a business insight into how users are interacting with a website or webpages. 

    For businesses with ecommerce channels, this information can be hugely important, as it allows the business to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts and commerce funnels. 

    One common client-side test is the A/B test, whereby a business creates two versions of a user experience and gathers client-side data to see which one customers prefer. This data can help marketing and sales teams zero in on the products, experiences, and marketing materials their customers like best. It can also help IT teams determine which web elements are functioning properly — and which need to be adjusted to better meet their customers’ needs.

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