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    Click and Collect

    Click and collect is a business model in which consumers purchase products online, then pick them up at an in-store location.

    What Is Carrying Cost?

    Click and collect is an umbrella term that describes several models of purchasing online and picking up in a brick-and-mortar location. Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), for example, occurs when consumers purchase online, then pick up their items at the actual retail store. Curbside pick-up similarly enables consumers to purchase food or products online, then pick them up at the store without ever leaving their vehicle.

    Click and collect options are beneficial because they meet customers’ demands for quick, easy, convenient shopping experiences. It allows shoppers to find and collect the right products for them without having to search in stores for them.

    Most click and collect models allow customers to choose between BOPIS or curbside pick-up, giving them even more convenience and personalization. When customers get these convenient shopping experiences, they’re more likely to buy more and buy again from that business, building brand loyalty.

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