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    Checkout Flow

    A checkout flow refers to the steps a customer takes to purchase a product, from putting an item in their shopping cart to completing the transaction.

    What Is Checkout Flow?

    Today’s customers want quick, convenient ways to purchase the items they want. That’s why it’s critical for businesses — especially ecommerce businesses — to create efficient checkout flows.

    A checkout flow includes all the steps a customer has to take to purchase a product, including adding the item to their shopping cart, clicking into the cart page to review their order, adjusting items within their cart if needed, submitting their payment information, and completing their transaction.

    For each of these steps, the business has the opportunity to remove friction and encourage the customer to move to the next stage. If the business puts up unnecessary barriers, slows down the process, or makes it difficult for the customer to purchase their items, the customer is more likely to abandon their cart.

    The checkout flow is also a great opportunity to market other products or encourage customers to create a profile within the system.

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