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    Channel Segmentation

    Channel segmentation is when businesses tailor marketing initiatives to customers grouped by a shared characteristic, such as their buying behavior, demographics, or interests.

    What Is Channel Segmentation?

    When it comes to engaging customers, casting too wide of a net can result in a failed sales or marketing initiative. Many brands use channel segmentation to sort consumers into groups and then tailor their marketing materials to connect specifically with members of each group.

    Brands can segment consumers using four methods. When sorting consumers based on demographics, brands look at things such as age, gender, income level, or background. These characteristics might clue the brand into what kinds of products or messaging the group prefers.

    Behavioral segmentation occurs when brands use previous buying history, such as past purchases, social engagement, or brand interactions, to customize marketing materials.

    Channel segmentation by geography helps brands connect with consumers in particular regions, such as marketing bathing suits year-round to consumers in warm regions.

    Psychographic segmentation focuses on consumers’ personalities and values, such as particular groups looking for ethically made clothing.

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