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    Campaign Objective

    A campaign objective is the main goal a business wants to achieve from a particular marketing effort or collection of efforts.

    What Is a Campaign Objective?

    A campaign objective is critical to any marketing initiative, as it gives a business an anchor upon which they can focus their efforts and measure results.

    A campaign objective often aligns with phases of customer engagement: creating customer awareness of the brand or product; spurring customer consideration of a purchase; and driving conversions. If a business tries to accomplish too much within one campaign, they run the risk of spreading their efforts too thin. Identifying one specific campaign objective, however, enables the business to set clear, achievable goals to meet that objective.

    Businesses usually set key performance indicators (KPIs) within each objective to measure success. If a business wants to drive conversions, it might track and evaluate conversion rates, repeat purchases, average order values (AOVs), or other sales metrics during a particular period. These measurements allow the business to determine campaign success and adjust efforts accordingly.

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