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    Campaign Momentum

    Campaign momentum is the process of sustaining effective, high-quality customer engagement marketing tactics over time.

    What Is Campaign Momentum?

    In today’s highly saturated ecommerce marketplace, marketing can’t just be a one-and-done effort. Attracting, capturing, and retaining customers requires continual, streamlined campaigns aimed at giving consumers exactly what they need. This kind of continuous marketing, especially when focused on a particular product, solution, or value, is campaign momentum.

    Campaign momentum can happen in two main ways: within one campaign or across several. In the first case, a business aims to make one single campaign work as hard as possible for as long as possible by promoting campaign assets (videos, webinars, blog articles, promotions, etc.) across a range of sales and customer engagement channels (newsletters, social media, email, websites, etc.).

    For the latter approach, a business gains momentum across multiple campaigns focused on one similar goal. If the business wants to increase conversions, for example, it might create several campaigns with promotions or loyalty reward options to drive repeat purchases.

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