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    Buyer Persona

    Answering the question of what is a buyer persona, it’s a fictionalized representation of a company’s ideal customer, created using market research, demographic data, and existing customer data.

    What Is a Buyer Persona?

    Because businesses today tend to sell multiple products through many different commerce channels, they often create multiple buyer personas to help them tailor their marketing and sales funnels to the right consumers. These profiles outline who the ideal customer is, what challenges they might be experiencing, why they might see the organization’s product as a solution to those challenges, and what ways they prefer interacting with the company, among other details. 

    Buyer personas also give a brand or retailer insight into how customers evaluate their products, which can help the business adjust its production, marketing, and sales initiatives to better meet their shoppers’ needs. 

    For businesses with ecommerce channels, research-informed buyer personas provide critical data on how customers are moving through digital purchasing pathways — and where they’re getting stuck. 

    With this information, businesses can update their product data, streamline their purchasing channels, and ensure they engage with customers in the ways they prefer.

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