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    Branding Touch Points

    Branding touch points are any online or in-person points in which a customer engages with a business’s visual, textual, or virtual branding elements.

    What Are Branding Touch Points?

    Consumers today typically engage with a brand several — sometimes up to 10 — times before deciding to make a purchase. These branding touch points give customers a feel for the brand’s products, personality, and values, and they present brands with an opportunity to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

    Branding touch points include all in-person and online areas, including customer service, websites, social media accounts, one-on-one selling, email marketing, mobile apps, text messages, or co-marketing materials. When businesses ensure consistent branding across these touch points, consumers gain a positive brand experience.

    When creating a brand and sales strategy, most businesses outline the touch points they want to emphasize to engage customers. Then, successful brands carefully monitor their touch points and evaluate how successfully its driving consumers closer to conversion.

    By collecting evaluative data on branding touch points, businesses can ensure they’ve optimized their sales funnel as much as possible.

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