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    Brand Standards

    Brand standards are guidelines that outline how a brand should be represented in written and visual assets.

    What Are Brand Standards?

    Creating and articulating a clear, consistent brand identity is key to winning business within a highly competitive ecommerce market. Successful businesses accomplish this by embedding brand standards into their overarching marketing and sales strategies.

    Brand standards outline the textual, visual, and digital parameters for a business’ public-facing materials. These guidelines typically include a statement of brand positioning, which identifies the target audience and market segment; key messaging; logos and other visual icons; color palette and other rules for visual brand elements; and editorial details for written content.

    Brand standards are often circulated widely within a company — and across affiliated vendors or partners — to ensure everyone knows how to create assets that align with the brand’s overarching strategy and image.

    Without brand standards, businesses can garner negative engagement from consumers who might view the brand as messy, inconsistent, or unreliable. Winning these consumers requires strong, cohesive branding.

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