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    Brand Salience

    Brand salience is a measurement of how well or readily consumers recognize or recall your brand.

    What Is Brand Salience?

    Brand salience is a useful metric for evaluating how strong your brand image and presence are within a competitive ecommerce landscape. It goes beyond building brand awareness: Brand salience is a measurement of how readily a consumer recalls a business’ branding pre-, during, or post-purchase.

    The goal of brand salience is for the business to become nearly synonymous with a product, image, or segment. The “Band-Aid” brand, for example, has developed such strong brand salience that consumers equate the brand name with the product itself. In other cases, brands use logos, mascots, advertising strategies, and other tactics to ensure consumers immediately think of their brand when considering a purchase.

    Businesses can measure their brand salience by engaging directly with their target customer segments through surveys, focus groups, or social engagement. This can help the business evaluate how top-of-mind their brand is and adjust their strategy to build better salience.

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