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    Brand Positioning

    Brand positioning refers to a brand’s value within a market, how the brand is differentiated from its competitors, and the way customers perceive the brand’s identity and offerings.

    What Is Brand Positioning?

    At a high level, brand positioning describes a brand’s perceived value proposition among its competitors. What makes the brand different from other businesses? How is the brand meeting its customers’ needs and demands? How recognizable is the brand in this highly saturated commerce market?

    Every brand offers unique value to its customers, but some brands are more successful in conveying that value than others. These brands likely have stronger, more solidified brand positioning that fosters customer loyalty, recognizability, and trust.

    When working toward brand positioning, most businesses start by creating a positioning statement, which hones in on the brand’s target customer and the greatest possible benefit the brand’s product or service can offer their customer. Crafting this statement enables marketing teams to identify and articulate the value proposition that differentiates them from their competition. From there, they can create content, materials, and other elements that help convey that value proposition.

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