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    Brand Map

    A brand map is a visualization — typically on a coordinate plane with X and Y axes – that displays a brand’s identity or perceived attributes.

    What Is a Brand Map?

    Brands work tirelessly to craft identities that resonate with their desired customer bases. One way they measure whether their efforts are successful is by creating a brand map that shows how they’re competing within their peer group.

    A typical brand map is displayed on coordinate planes, with the X axis signifying a specific attribute range (playful to serious in tone, for example) and the Y axis signifying a different range (affordable to expensive).

    A brand map enables the brand to see the relationship between the attributes on both axes. When taken together, these attributes signal something important about the brand. It might be playful but expensive, or serious but affordable. The brand is also able to see how its competitors relate to these attributes, as well. With this information, brands can adjust their marketing to best align with where they want to fall on the grid.

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