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    Brand Influencer

    A brand influencer is a third-party partner, typically with a large audience or following, who promotes a brand and its products in exchange for payment or free items.

    What Is a Brand Influencer?

    Today’s consumers increasingly look to trusted sources for product recommendations and reviews. Brand influencers fill that trusted spot by promoting a brand’s products via content marketing to their far-reaching virtual audiences.

    Most brand influencers use social media for product promotion. They post unboxing videos, demonstrations of product usage, tailored photos highlighting products, or create giveaways to engage consumers. 

    When partnering with a brand influencer, it’s critical for business leaders to find someone whose content and values align with their brand. An affordable used car brand, for example, wouldn’t want to align with an influencer who regularly engages with high-end luxury vehicles, as the misalignment would cause disruption in the audience’s shopping experience.

    Businesses can find an aligned brand influencer by searching social media networks using relevant keywords. While each influencer’s number of followers will vary, businesses should look for those with wide enough audiences to drive traffic and sales.

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