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    Brand Image

    Brand image refers to the way customers perceive a brand based on their experiences interacting with the brand.

    What Is Brand Image?

    As customers engage with a brand — via its online presence, social media, content, or word-of-mouth reputation — they formulate an image of that brand. This brand image encompasses their feelings, beliefs, ideas, and perceptions of the brand, and it’s critical to the brand’s success.

    With more purchasing options than ever before, consumers increasingly look to the brands they trust for the products they need. They peruse customer reviews, research product information, and shop on multiple channels before making a purchase. When these interactions generate a positive brand image, they’re more likely to purchase from that brand and recommend it to others. In this way, brand image fosters loyalty.

    Brand image and brand identity represent two sides of the same coin. Identity is the way a brand conveys its personality and values to customers. Image is the way customers actually perceive that identity. Creating consistent messaging can ensure the two align.

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