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    Brand Hierarchy

    Brand hierarchy is the organizational structure that businesses create to differentiate multiple products and their distinct elements.

    What Is Brand Hierarchy?

    As brands gain traction, they often formulate new product segments to expand their reach and brand identity. Each new product or segment must have its own distinct features to survive in the market while also generating business for the core parent brand. To organize these structures, businesses create brand hierarchies that visualize the organizational schema that’s central to the brand.

    Brand hierarchy functions similarly to a family tree. The main corporate brand sits at the top, with family brands underneath. Each family brand might comprise several individual brands that level up to it. Within this brand hierarchy, each sub-brand has its own distinct identity, which is conveyed through marketing materials, logos, advertising, and content.

    Differentiating products via a brand hierarchy helps the corporate or parent brand expand into new customer segments and helps narrower customer segments connect with individual products. It also creates a bird’s-eye view of the brand architecture.

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