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    Brand Gap

    A brand gap refers to the difference between what a brand’s marketing initiatives intend to do and how customers actually perceive the brand, which often reveals an internal misalignment.

    What Is a Brand Gap?

    Building positive customer experiences means creating a cohesive, consistent brand identity that gains traction and equity within the market. A brand gap occurs when the marketing initiatives designed to create these experiences don’t generate the intended customer response, leaving the brand looking disjointed or ineffective.

    A brand gap typically occurs when the brand has an internal misalignment. In some cases, the marketing strategy might not align with the brand’s creative outputs. In other cases, the sales initiatives might not connect with the omnichannel marketing efforts. When internal misalignment occurs, the customer-facing materials face the risk of not working as intended.

    The best way for brands to bridge the brand gap is to ensure their strategic and creative initiatives fully align and that both areas connect back to the brand’s core values and mission. When brands create consistent, dynamic materials that drive their strategy forward, they can gain customer loyalty.

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