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    Brand Discovery

    Brand discovery is the process of examining and evaluating a brand to identify the brand’s identity, its position within the market, and how effectively it connects with its customer base.

    What Is Brand Discovery?

    A brand discovery is an evaluative process that allows a brand or partnering vendor to understand the brand’s strategy, competition, strengths, weaknesses, and customer connection. Sometimes, teams within the business will conduct a brand discovery to assess the brand’s core values and strengths and identify areas in need of improvement. This helps the brand create stronger, more strategic marketing, product, and sales initiatives to increase overall performance.

    In other cases, an outside vendor might conduct a brand discovery to get a pulse on the brand’s identity and position within the market. Content agencies, for example, typically kick off a partnership with a brand by going through a discovery phase. With the information they glean from the discovery, they can put together an effective content strategy that helps communicate the brand’s identity to its customers.

    A brand discovery helps a business hone its identity — which can help boost conversion rates.

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