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    Brand Architecture

    Brand architecture is the organizational system a parent brand employs to categorize and differentiate the brands, products, or services within its umbrella.

    What Is Brand Architecture?

    For parent brands with multiple sub-brands within its family, it’s critical that the brand is able to differentiate the sub-brands to ensure customers know what to expect from each.

    The trick is differentiating each sub-brand while still creating a cohesive overarching brand feel. Brand architecture helps the parent brand establish and maintain consistency while allowing each sub-brand to flourish within the umbrella.

    There are several types of brand architecture, each depending on the brand’s size, makeup, and industry. In a branded house architecture, for example, the parent brand houses its sub-brands with closely aligned branding among all companies. The close-knit brand family provides a cohesive look, feel, and customer experience.

    A house of brands architecture, on the other hand, creates some branding distance between the parent brand and the sub-brand, with each having slightly different brand identities. All brand architectures help brands differentiate their companies and cross-sell whenever possible.

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