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    Beta Test

    A beta test is the process of evaluating a product, website, or brand element with a small group of users before launching it to a wider audience.

    What Is a Beta Test?

    A beta test helps a business ensure its product, website, app, social media account, or other brand-representing element is as close to perfect as possible before launching it to a broad audience. 

    Take a brand’s website as an example. Before launching a newly designed website — which represents the hub of a brand’s online presence — the business would select a small group of users for a beta test. The users would engage with the website, clicking through all links and pages to get a feel for the site’s overall user experience. Then, they’d provide critical feedback on things like the visual design, the product checkout experience, page navigation, and user interface.

    With this feedback, the business can make informed decisions about updating the website features to ensure they best meet users’ needs. The most successful beta tests use systematic organizational schemas to collect user insights.

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