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    Banner Blindness

    Banner blindness is an online phenomenon in which website visitors visually ignore banners or other elements they perceive as ads on websites

    What Is Banner Blindness?

    Consumers are constantly bombarded with images, messaging, and ads from brands. Even their process of finding and purchasing products online is filled with ads and promotions competing for their attention. Banner blindness was borne out of this sense of overwhelm. It’s the tendency for consumers to ignore content presented to them in banners, even on websites they know and trust.

    Banner blindness can be a conscious or unconscious experience. In some cases, consumers want to get the information they need without being interrupted by ads. In others, they subconsciously search for engaging content that feels more organic or connective.

    Because banner blindness has become so common, many brands are moving away from banners. Instead, they’re creating the kind of content consumers want to actively engage with, which includes articles, videos, images, or social media posts. These more consumer-centric promotions are often more effective in attracting and engaging potential customers.

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