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    Average Time Spent (ATS)

    Average time spent (ATS) is a marketing metric that measures the average amount of time users spend engaging with a piece of content, such as a website or marketing material.

    What Is Average Time Spent (ATS)?

    Businesses primarily use the average time spent (ATS) metric to measure the amount of time consumers spend engaging with marketing materials, including a website, webpage, blog article, product description, product page, or email.

    Used more broadly, however, average time spent (ATS) could refer to the average time a business takes to hire an employee, the average time spent navigating supply chain issues, or the average time spent fulfilling customer orders. 

    In all of these cases — and many more — the business divides the total minutes spent on a particular task by the total amount of tasks within a given timeframe. 

    When calculated to measure consumer interaction, businesses gain a glimpse into how successful their engagement initiatives are. If many consumers are visiting a product page each month, but the business’s average time spent on page is significantly low, the business can infer that they need to improve their customer engagement.

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