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    Average Time on Site

    Average time on site is an analytical metric that shows the average duration of time a user views a website before exiting the site.

    What Is Average Time on Site?

    Today’s ecommerce businesses face two main challenges: attracting consumers to their sites and keeping them there. Average time on site is a metric that gives a business insight into how successfully they’re retaining consumers during visits. 

    This metric goes hand-in-hand with other evaluative data like bounce rate, which measures the percentage of users who click out of the site after viewing a single page. A high bounce rate often corresponds with a low average time on site.
    Businesses can determine average time on site by dividing the total duration of their combined user sessions by the total number of sessions within a given period. 

    The average time on site metric can be hugely valuable for businesses because it gives them a glimpse into how successfully they’re engaging their consumers. If a business has high page views but low average time on site, they know they need to boost their retention efforts.

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