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    Average Session Duration

    Average session duration is an ecommerce metric that evaluates the average time potential consumers spend on a brand’s website during a single session.

    What Is Average Session Duration?

    Ecommerce brands’ marketing efforts are typically geared toward engaging audiences and driving consumers closer to conversion. To measure the success of these efforts, brands use a number of evaluative data, including average session duration, which measures the average amount of time consumers spend on the brand’s website or mobile app.

    While successful average session durations vary depending on the business, industry, or product, most businesses set a benchmark key performance indicator (KPI) to work toward. Measuring the data against this benchmark gives the brand an indication of how successful their marketing and sales tactics have been in reaching their goal.

    Businesses can also track this metric over time to evaluate how changes to their website or app influence consumer engagement. If the brand creates new product pages and sees their average session duration increase, they can presume that the new user experience positively influences engagement.

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