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    Amazon Brand Content

    Amazon brand content comprises copy, marketing materials, product information, enhanced assets, and other collateral that Amazon sellers create to boost their brand presence on the marketplace.

    What Is Amazon Brand Content?

    As sellers increasingly use the Amazon marketplace to build their brands, competition likewise increases. Brand content — such as on-Amazon product detail pages or off-Amazon blogs or social media — helps solidify sellers’ brand presences within the marketplace.

    Amazon offers sellers several options for creating brand content. Enhanced Brand Content, for example, is a Seller Central offering that enables sellers to add images and other enriching content to their product listings.

    By creating brand content on Amazon, sellers can better highlight their unique branding and communicate the benefits of their products to consumers. Sellers can also use Amazon templates to streamline their content creation processes and get product and brand information to consumers quickly.

    Sellers should always optimize their Amazon brand content for search, as consumers typically use the Amazon search bar to find products. Using keywords strategically in brand content can enable listings to jump to the top-ranking search position.

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