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    Amazon A+ Content

    A+ content is Amazon’s rich media, below-the-fold content that lives on product pages and can include additional product descriptions, copy, dimension, imagery, and video.

    What Is Amazon A+ Content?

    A+ content impacts product performance by creating a stronger, more relevant product page that generates stronger conversion rates. Since consumers today are bombarded with product information across all channels, giving them videos, comparison charts, high-quality images, and interactive A+ content can help sellers stand out among the competition.


    A+ content is available to Amazon Brand Registered sellers, who can create enhanced content modules for up to 15 products per month.


    The next level up, Premium A+ content, or A++ content, gives sellers an additional 16 modules for producing enhanced content, enriched FAQs, integrated videos, voice-friendly product pages, and more. A+ and A++ content helps brands improve their product search rank, boost traffic, and increase performance on Amazon — which ultimately helps boost sales. 


    Creating enhanced content at scale can be time-consuming and difficult to manage, so many brands use A+ content tools with pre-built templates to speed up production time.

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