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    Ad Retargeting

    Ad retargeting is a marketing tactic in which a business specifically targets consumers who have previously engaged with the brand via paid ads.

    What Is Ad Retargeting?

    Ad retargeting involves two main steps. First, a business uses cookies or other data-gathering tools to determine who is engaging with their brand via their website, product pages, social media, display ads, or email campaigns.

    Then, the business creates ad campaigns specifically targeting those consumers, often by serving up promotions or other advertisements related to the products or information they previously engaged with. In this way, ad retargeting reminds consumers of their previous interests and encourages them to complete a purchase.

    With the right cookies in place, a business can get near-instant ads delivered straight to previously engaged consumers. These ads can appear on the brand’s website or on another website, app, or social channel via paid advertising.

    Because of the immediacy it offers, ad retargeting is an efficient way to re-engage consumers and drive sales.

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