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    Ad Remarketing

    Ad remarketing is the process of delivering ads to shoppers who have already engaged with the ad or the product it promotes with the goal of reengaging them.

    What Is Ad Remarketing?

    Consumers often conduct significant research before making a purchase. Because of this trend, potential buyers tend to engage with email marketing, websites, promotions, and more — and then not complete their purchase.

    Ad remarketing is a retargeting strategy in which a business serves up an ad that the consumer has already engaged with or about a product that the consumer has researched to encourage them to complete their purchase.

    This process sometimes involves delivering ads to multiple sales channels. If a consumer visited a brand’s product page, for instance, the business might deliver ads about that product to the consumer’s social media accounts or apps. Spreading ad remarketing across sales channels helps ensure the business is engaging consumers throughout the omnichannel experience.
    Ad remarketing is a great way of capitalizing on shoppers who have already shown interest in the brand or product, which can be more effective than attracting new consumers.

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