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    Active Buyer

    An active buyer is a customer who has either already engaged with a brand via a sales channel or is actively searching for a product to purchase.

    What Is an Active Buyer?

    In ecommerce, businesses engage with both active and passive buyers to varying degrees. Active buyers are those who are already on the shopping journey, while passive buyers haven’t started yet. 

    Because engaging passive buyers can require more time, effort, and money, many businesses focus more of their marketing and sales efforts on engaging active buyers.

    Active buyers can be engaged in any stage of the buying journey. Some may have already purchased a product from a brand or reached out directly to a customer service representative for more product information. Others might engage regularly with the brand on social media or have written an online review of the brand.

    In these scenarios, the active buyer is already on their journey to purchase, so businesses typically don’t have to expend significant resources on driving them to conversion. Businesses can use website analytics, consumer research, or other data to find and engage active buyers.

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