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    A/B Testing

    A/B testing is a user experience experiment that compares two versions of a website or specific element to gain insight into product or content performance and understand which version is most positively viewed by users.

    What Is A/B Testing?

    A/B testing is an approach that compares two versions of a webpage or design element to give teams insights into product performance and user experiences. A/B testing helps teams develop a strategy to achieve certain goals, such as increasing conversion rates and web traffic, and creating differentiation and personalization throughout the user experience.

    A common practice for digital teams, A/B testing is an experiment that can involve presenting two versions of a webpage or design element to evenly divided users to give teams quantitative and qualitative insights into how well certain variables perform and to understand user experiences while engaging with your ecommerce site.

    Teams will usually conduct testing on a website, app, or email, which allows for gaining business insights into critical metrics, such as traffic and conversion across channels, as part of the optimization process to improve performance and user engagement.

    Best practices for testing may include narrowing the scope of variables you are measuring and keeping experiments manageable and methodical to yield meaningful data to better tell your brand’s story.

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