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    User Feedback

    User feedback is information and insights that consumers provide to businesses about their likes, dislikes, needs, and desires related to the business.

    What Is User Feedback?

    User feedback is critical to businesses, as it provides them with insights directly from those engaging with the brand and using their products. 

    Businesses gather user feedback through email surveys, in-app surveys, rating systems, customer service rankings, and more. These might take the form of something in-depth, such as having a discussion with a representative, or something quick and easy, such as rating an interaction on a simple scale.

    Regardless of the depth of the insights, user feedback helps businesses adapt their marketing, product, and sales efforts to better meet the needs of their consumers. If multiple consumers rate a particular ecommerce product page low, for example, the business might adjust core areas of the page to more effectively give consumers what they need.

    User feedback can also be helpful for determining a website’s gaps or missing features, which can help the business learn where to put its development efforts.

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