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    Permission Marketing

    Permission marketing gives consumers the ability to opt into marketing materials, promotional offers, and recurring brand communications.

    What Is Permission Marketing?

    Traditional advertising typically requires businesses to push their marketing materials into consumer-centric spaces, which often interrupts their experience. Permission marketing, on the other hand, gives consumers the option of interacting with the brand, putting the control in their hands and often boosting their trust in the process.

    Permission marketing can take several forms. When consumers enter their information to sign up for a marketing newsletter, for example, they’re engaging in permission marketing. It also occurs when shoppers follow or engage with brands on social media, download branded content, or sign up for email offers. In each of these cases, the brand gave the consumer a choice, and the consumer made the right decision for them.

    This kind of marketing can help drive brand awareness, relevance, and reputation by fostering trust and respect with the consumer. It’s especially powerful when combined with personalization strategies that directly meet consumers’ needs.

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