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    In-Person Shopping

    In-person shopping occurs when consumers enter brick-and-mortar retail stores to find, browse, and purchase products.

    What Is In-Person Shopping?

    The modern commerce landscape offers consumers several ways to shop and purchase products, from mobile apps to ecommerce platforms to social shopping. In-person shopping is one traditional method of buying products, which occurs in a brick-and-mortar retail location.

    Customers often choose to shop in person because they’re able to engage directly with sales representatives to learn about products and handle products before making a purchasing decision.

    But these benefits don’t have to be allocated to in-person shopping alone. Ecommerce businesses that provide online or mobile chat, text, or call options can facilitate customer service engagement directly through the online buying process.

    Similarly, online brands can help consumers feel confident in their purchases by providing:

    • In-depth product descriptions with relevant details about the item.
    • Specification breakdowns on sizing and materials.
    • Images, videos, and interactive elements that help consumers envision using the product in their own space.

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