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    Implicit Data

    Implicit data is information a business infers or deduces (rather than collects explicitly) about its customers, products, or business performance.

    What Is Implicit Data?

    Brands typically use two types of data to analyze their customer engagement, product success, and overall business performance: explicit and implicit data. Explicit data refers to information that businesses can derive a clear insight from. When a customer writes a positive product review, for example, they’re explicitly telling the brand that they like the product.

    Implicit data isn’t as clear cut — but it’s still helpful. Say a customer explores a product page or downloads an ebook about the product but doesn’t make a purchase. The brand can infer that the customer is interested in purchasing the product, but they can’t validate that claim against explicit data.

    While implicit data can be a bit more ambiguous than explicit, it offers the brand insight into the customer and how to engage with them. In the above example, the brand might tailor personalized emails to the customer about the product to encourage conversion.

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