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    Connected Commerce

    Connected commerce is when a business completely integrates its in-store and online shopping channels, allowing customers to move seamlessly from one platform to the next.

    What Is Connected Commerce?

    In the past, businesses largely treated brick-and-mortar, online, social media, and other channels as separate purchasing funnels with their own distinct marketing and selling strategies.

    But today’s shoppers are much more agile, moving from one channel to the next when finding, shopping, and purchasing products.

    Connected commerce creates a fully integrated shopping experience so consumers can browse and purchase products through any channel they want.

    Businesses can employ a variety of connected commerce strategies, including the buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) option or virtual shopping capabilities. In each of these strategies, and many others, marketing, branding, and sales funnels are completely connected, giving the shopper the ability to choose when and how they want to purchase.

    Connected commerce benefits businesses by enabling them to create consistency across all sales channels. It helps customers by giving them the seamless, convenient shopping experiences they want today.

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